Friday, 6 May 2011

Thrashin' Victim - Free Download Comp!

Birds Out: Thrashin' Victim - DOWNLOAD NOW!

1. Let It Die - Steadfast
2. The Afternoon Gentlemen - Boozejoogler
3. Beartrap - Nailed Shut
4. The Atrocity Exhibit - It's Impossible To Keep A Bodycount
5. Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair Wheelchair - Mike Myers Thinks He Can Do A Scottish Accent, But He Can't
6. Atomgevitter - Alba Uber Alles
7. Rape Whistle - The Indisputable Right Of A Submental Retard To Violate One's Dearly Beloved Spouse Because Of Her Penchant For Hair Metal
8. Joe Pesci - Project 2501
9. Korrozao - Extinção Humana
10. No Coast - Make Out With All Your Brothers
11. Jackie Onassis - Sniper
12. Closure - Sada Abe
13. Chainsaw To The Face - Purgatorial Existence
14. Burt - Accident Au Cinema
15. Eyes Peeled - 666.3
16. Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man - Felch Death Fuck Storm
17. Sufferinfuck - Fuck Work
18. Elasticdeath - Imperialist Bloodshed
19. Clocked Out - Who Gives A Shit
20. SFN - Purge
21. Genetic Mutation - Death Chapel
22. Fuck Right Off - Won't Be Phased
23. Katma - Zivotinja
24. The Atrocity Exhibit - Scissors

Bonus Track
Bumilingus - I Wanna Eat Somebody's Poo (WASP cover)

To learn more about all of these bands, go on the internet.

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Compiled by Birds Out Records

Artwork by Lachlann Rattray

If you like what you hear, then share Thrashin' Victim with your nearest and dearest, burn it onto a CD, spread the word. Good on you. Thanks. Listen to it again.


  1. Thanks very much for that! Some richt gems on there!

    I've put GENETIC MUTATION's side of the split with CHEMICAL ASSAULT up for download on my blog BILE YER HEID ... I've included their track from this comp in the folder - and linked to this page - hope you don't mind, please let me know if it offends you (and I'll keep doin' it)

    x(Spey) Bay Area Hardcore!x